Things I've Learned While Working in Restaurants, Part 1 - The Lindy Hop Laboratory



The Customer is Usually a Douche

Having recently started working at Panera, I've begun remembering a variety of things from previous restaurant jobs.  I'm not sure of the exact cause, but there's something that turns a perfectly friendly, well-mannered customer into a loathsome, disgusting beast.

Maybe I'm being unfair...

Still, it isn't so hard to understand how to bus your own trays, is it?  Every day without fail, I find bus-bins filled with trash despite the fact that the trash can is literally next to the bus-bin.  AND it's labeled 'trash', and separately beside it, 'trays'.  There does seem to be a generational divide.  Younger customers seem to grasp the concept of scraping your tray off into the trash, then placing it in/beside the bus-bin.  Older customers seem to get confused, exasperated, and then dump everything into the bin without thinking about it.  Here's something they probably don't know: it's my job to clean the bus-bins if they get disgusting.

This is why I try to take people's trays before they have a chance to do it themselves.  Which brings me to my next annoyance: the customer who refuses to let you take away dirty trays/dishes despite the fact that they're done eating.  I have no clue why they take a protective attitude over their used dishes and cutlery.  The best part about those customers is that when they decide it's time to go, they leave their tray/dishes/cutlery right on the table.

Can't win.

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