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I had today off from work, and also tomorrow.  I just got off the phone, however, and agreed to cover someone's shift from 11am - 2pm tomorrow.  Am I really that desperate for $$$ !?!?

Yes.  Yes I am.
I have to say, this is probably the best New Year's I've had.  After "Swing in the New Year" I got to spend some quality time on the phone with Mike, crossing the 2009-2010 border, and discussing whether or not she should come down to see me.  Luckily a friend of ours was heading to Tampa from Lindy Focus, and she managed to hit him up for a ride!  It's a good thing that she found him, because I was ready to provide unsavory services to another friend for said ride ;-) .

In any case, I'm supremely happy to have my girl here.  It worked out beautifully: I had requested the 1st - 3rd of Jan. off from work quite a while ago, and she's leaving on the 5th.  Great timing.  I don't know what I would have done had I had to wait another month and a half to see her next!

It's funny: one of us always gets sick when we're visiting.  I definitely caught a little bit of a cold and was miserable last night.  Thankfully I woke up this morning feeling much better.

To Do List:
  1. Work on routines
  2. Watch more dance videos.
  3. Get that job at Fifth-Third!

The Customer is Usually a Douche

Having recently started working at Panera, I've begun remembering a variety of things from previous restaurant jobs.  I'm not sure of the exact cause, but there's something that turns a perfectly friendly, well-mannered customer into a loathsome, disgusting beast.

Maybe I'm being unfair...

Still, it isn't so hard to understand how to bus your own trays, is it?  Every day without fail, I find bus-bins filled with trash despite the fact that the trash can is literally next to the bus-bin.  AND it's labeled 'trash', and separately beside it, 'trays'.  There does seem to be a generational divide.  Younger customers seem to grasp the concept of scraping your tray off into the trash, then placing it in/beside the bus-bin.  Older customers seem to get confused, exasperated, and then dump everything into the bin without thinking about it.  Here's something they probably don't know: it's my job to clean the bus-bins if they get disgusting.

This is why I try to take people's trays before they have a chance to do it themselves.  Which brings me to my next annoyance: the customer who refuses to let you take away dirty trays/dishes despite the fact that they're done eating.  I have no clue why they take a protective attitude over their used dishes and cutlery.  The best part about those customers is that when they decide it's time to go, they leave their tray/dishes/cutlery right on the table.

Can't win.
Thought I'd put up a few songs I'm really digging lately, some more esoteric, some more mainstream:
  • Artie Shaw: "When the Quail Come Back to San Quentin"
  • Artie Shaw: "The Grabtown Grapple"
  • Atomic Rhythm All-Stars: "East St. Louis Toodle-oo"
  • Mario "Harp" Lorenzi: "Everything Stops for Tea"
  • Henry Hall: "Eccentric"
  • Dice of Dixie Crew: "Sweet Georgia Brown"
Although I knew about Erroll Garner for a while, I never listened to him until today.  I have to admit, I really like him.  He's clearly a bop player, but there's an explicit connection to old piano aesthetic like in ragtime and stride.  I'm really digging "Boucin' with Me" (3rd Track): structurally it pays homage to old-school piano, but the solos are bop, without really flying all over the place.

Loooooove it.
Finally found a job!  Looks like the Grinch won't be stealing Christmas... err.... Hannukah?... this year.

I was hired by Panera Bread Co., at the Largo Mall location.  I'll be doing line-cook work, which isn't thrilling in and of itself, but it's a steady job, and that makes me really happy.  A big portion of stress just slid off of my shoulders.  I'm still waiting to hear from another interview I had on Monday, for a position which would be very part-time to start.  Getting that would also be great, but I have to wait and hear if I'm being considered for a second round interview.
Oct. 16th - 18th was Blues Muse, in Philadelphia.  I took 1st Place in the Jack and Jill competition.  You can see a video of the Finals Spotlight on Facebook.  Unfortunately you need to log in just to watch...

Oct. 24th - 26th I was in Pittsburgh visiting a friend, 
Davis Thurber.  He put together a Lindy workshop with Claudia Joyal-Laplante; really good stuff.

Oct. 29th - Nov. 2nd was Eastern Balboa Championship in Raleigh, NC.  The comps were amaaaaaaazing to watch, and the workshops were fantastic.  I really want to own this dance.
It's taking me too much time to put this site together.  I suck.
I'm a little miffed about Weebly.  I tried making a first post yesterday and the server crapped out on me.  Not cool.

Still, I'm pretty excited about actually putting together a site for myself.

The current banner is part of one of my own photographs.  I took it inside La Sagrada Familia, a church designed by the architect Gaudi and never finished.  More to come soon, I hope.