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Finally found a job!  Looks like the Grinch won't be stealing Christmas... err.... Hannukah?... this year.

I was hired by Panera Bread Co., at the Largo Mall location.  I'll be doing line-cook work, which isn't thrilling in and of itself, but it's a steady job, and that makes me really happy.  A big portion of stress just slid off of my shoulders.  I'm still waiting to hear from another interview I had on Monday, for a position which would be very part-time to start.  Getting that would also be great, but I have to wait and hear if I'm being considered for a second round interview.
Oct. 16th - 18th was Blues Muse, in Philadelphia.  I took 1st Place in the Jack and Jill competition.  You can see a video of the Finals Spotlight on Facebook.  Unfortunately you need to log in just to watch...

Oct. 24th - 26th I was in Pittsburgh visiting a friend, 
Davis Thurber.  He put together a Lindy workshop with Claudia Joyal-Laplante; really good stuff.

Oct. 29th - Nov. 2nd was Eastern Balboa Championship in Raleigh, NC.  The comps were amaaaaaaazing to watch, and the workshops were fantastic.  I really want to own this dance.